Partner levels
Level To next level Your YOUR PERCANTAGE% Referral receives
0.00 $ 5% 0.30 $
500.00 $ 6% 0.40 $
2000.00 $ 7% 0.45 $
5000.00 $ 8% 0.60 $
7500.00 $ 9% 0.65 $
10000.00 $ 10% 0.70 $
Frequently Asked questions
Are you a YouTuber having 30,000+ subs and 5,000+ views on video or website with 5,000+ visitors? Do you have any different partnership offer?

We will discuss our cooperation which will be beneficial for both you and us! Contact [email protected] if you have any partnership offers!

What are Casedrop's affiliate programs?

You receive a money balance reward from every deposit made by a user that you drive by a promo code or referral link.

It is important to know!

-A user can become a partner of only one different user;
-You get the money to the account immediately after your partner's balance being filled;
-You can use the promocode only once

I gave my referral link to many people, however I did not receive any money.

The users who used your referral link are already logged into the site or are partners of different users. Each user can become a partner only once.

How can I increase my percentage of profits from partner's purchases?

We keep track of active users and the percentage is increased automatically. More referrals means higher percentage!