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Frequently Asked questions
Can I use Steam wallet funds to open cases on this site?

Steam Money are not appropriate on this site. You should fill up the balance on Casedrop directly.

I have filled up the balance but money didn’t get transferred to my profile. What should I do?

Your payment might be delayed for 5-10 minutes. If money didn`t get transferred within an hour, please contact the support, write details of payment to [email protected]

I can't sell an item because pop-up dialog box is blocked on this tab!

Close tab and visit the page again. If that doesn't solve the issue, clear the browser's history.

How long can a dropped item remain in the waiting status? How much time do I have to decide whether to sell it or withdraw it?

Full cost of the item will be returned to your balance if you don't withdraw it within 24 hours.

Before opening Cases

Be sure to check if you are able to trade on Steam, otherwise our robot will not be able to send you your items. Open your inventory, make sure there is no trade ban and it is at least 7 days after the password had been changed.

What is CaseDrop Daily Bonus?

Daily Bonus is a feature that rewards you with skins and account balance for visiting CaseDrop every day. After your daily bonus's being claimed the 24 hour timer starts until the next use.

Protect yourself from scams

Everyone pretending to be “administrator”, “moderator” or “trade bot” of Casedrop.com is a scammer - we will never send you screenshots of our control panel or add you on Steam for purposes of trading your items. We will never send you any files.

I have opened the case, how can I withdraw my item?

Go to your profile and click the "Send" button on the item of your interest, once the trade offer is ready click "Get" button which will redirect you directly to the trade on Steam

There is a "Temporarily Unavailable" note on the case, why?

The case/collection becomes unavailable if it does not contain all the items that are listed in it. This was preformed to provide clear randomness. Bots are monitoring the trade platform and purchase the missing items all the time.

Still have questions? Ask our team, we will reply in fast -[email protected]